blacklist shops in Hong Kong


==Med-Skin Creative Concept Centre==
Sept, 2013
Don’t be fooled by Med-Skin professional name. They are black stores that con you with pushy sales pitch into expensive package which is a rip off because their service is useless and poor. More importantly, their laser treatment does not have lasting effect but instead can burn your skin badly leaving marks, their so called expert medical remedial advice is ineffective with nothing more than common sense which you can come up with and they offer NO refund / monetary compensation. Pls help to share this post and “like” to spread/acknowledge this dislike for the benefit of your friends/family/gf or loved ones

Med-Skin Creative Concept Centre at 2/F, Hip Shing Hong, Kowloon Centre, 192-194 Nathan Road, Jordan HK and all “Pretty House” chains which is affiliated with Med-Skin.

==California Fitness – CWB==
Jun, 2013
There are more Personal Trainer Sales in the store than any machines! You will be staired by sale every sec and of course they tried to approach you to sell you expensive course. Now I refused to go to this branch.

==Orchid Beauty – CWB==
Jan 2013
This beauty salon is Not trustable. There is a pushy sale called Rainbow. She will sell you overprice course or products but eventually they under delivery what they had promised.

Eg, I brought a facial for around HKD 600 for each time visit, however there is no proper make up removal process nor peeling process, after a very casual cleaning they will put a mask on me and that’s all. I am very disappointed with their service.

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