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Flesh Imp 不是一間普通的服裝店,自2000年由兩位年青新加坡人Nicholas Cho and Vincent Quek成立後,新加坡的街頭文化從此起了重大變化!Flesh Imp可謂是現代的街頭文化學院!

為什麼稱它為學院?因為創辦人不繼將街頭文化灌輸給本地認識,好像在剛過去的2003年6月,他們將美國的街頭藝術者如 Andy Howell、Sam Flores及 Bigfoot帶到新加坡,表演示範他們的拿手好戲牆壁繪畫 Graffiti,令當地引起一陣街頭文化熱!


以下是Nicholas 對 Flesh Imp 的簡介:
Flesh Imp thus named because we feel that none other than flesh is closest to the human body. In fact, flesh symbolises the closeness of our products to the consumer, just like the second skin to them, giving them comfort, second to none feeling that no other brands can.

By infusing art with wearables, we have evolved to actual artist putting their masterpiece on clothes. These meaning hand-drawn pieces which can be on canvas or other art mediums to be prccessed with the help of new technology of the computers, in creating a new wave of design. There will be no limit to just tees or basics but venturing into a more extensive range of products like jackets, pants, caps, bags, belt and many more.

In the effort of pursuing and bringing the domestic street scene to a higher level, Flesh Imp brought in Sam Flores, a San Fransisco based urban artist whose works are described as mystical and multi-faceted.The local street scene was brought to a new high when the first collaboration ever between a local and a foreign label to come up with a tee-shirt, which is sold out within 3 days.

Flesh Imp also had successful set the trend of foreign collaboration, brought back Sam Flores, as well as 2 more world renowned artists, Andy Howell and Bigfoot in June. A special limited edition tee-shirt set was launched when they were at the Flesh Imp closed door live-demo event. The mural was done in 3 hours and has enhanced the shop decor.

May 2003 saw the birth of the Flesh Imp flagship store, which transcends between new-age concept style and gallery store, which lets the shopper have a surreal feel of being placed admist the elements of true street culture. 4 island displays simulating the \’Quarter-pipe\’ of a skatepark, as well as sunken gallery-like wall panels, make the entire store a league of its own. Definitely an experience never felt before.

Relentlessly,Flesh Imp is here to shock and dish up surprises,and bring an evolution of fashion like no other.

This is what we call A Flesh Imp Urban Visual Collective.

網址: www.fleshimp.com

Flagship Store 地址:
260, Orchard Road, #03-11, The Heeren, Singapore 238855

Flesh Imp 員工們!
Flesh Imp 員工們!
Flesh Imp
Flesh Imp
Sam Flores, Andy Howell 及 Bigfoot
Sam Flores, Andy Howell 及 Bigfoot
Flesh Imp 員工們!!
Flesh Imp 員工們!!

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