Kick Up The Dust 2006


The Dust is AliveKick Up The Dust (KUTD) is an annual band and dance competition that has been running since 2001. It has already attracted a loyal following of young Australian supporters passionate about performing arts. Over 4000 people have witnessed this spectacular event over the years, gaining a wide repertoire of support from youth all over Sydney.

On 12th of August 2006, KUTD staged its event at the Manning Bar, University of Sydney. With a packed house of people, 5 band and 5 dance groups entertained the crowd in style as they battle for the ultimate cash prize. Over 3 hours of excitment and music entertainment is experienced together with a fantastic treat from special guest Hip-Hop performancers and a ‘Planet Hair’ fashion showcase. KUTD 2006 marks the first time in history to stage various band and dance groups from a wide range of genres.

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