CASART By Carol Matheson June22-30 at Art Moment Gallery,
99 Curlewis st Bondi Beach.

Sunshine Coast Artist, Carol Matheson better known as Cas will be making her debut CASART Exhibition in Sydney at the renowned Art Moment Gallery in Bondi on the June 22 til June 30th.

Her artwork featured on the Channel Nine News. She designed artwork for advertising and the memorabilia for ‘The John Farnham Noosa Concert’. Carol was born in Sydney, but her family relocated to Noosa in 1971. In 2005, Carol has taken on the role as ‘Artist in Residence’ at the Old Pomona Railway Gallery, established an Art and Printing studio has held exhibitions and continues to complete commissions for her clients Private and Corporate collections throughout Australia and Overseas. She was recently commissioned by the Speaker of the House at the Brisbane Government House to paint work titled ‘Homeless Children’ and to create cartoon strips for an art publication ‘The Spread’.

The successful International Artist, Joe Spellman and Art Teacher of 30 years has described Carol Matheson art, “After viewing literally hundreds of aspirants folios, Carol is a most gifted, creative artist”. He was smitten by the body of work, and in his opinion, “Carol deserves to be lifted from the ranks of gifted into a more important national role”.

“The level of love for my art is mind-blowing,” Carol says. CASART exhibition will stir the emotions and curiosity of its viewers. It consists of Life drawings, Traditional portraiture, Abstraction, Beach and Landscapes. Carol wants to paint everything; she hopes that her lifetime will allow her the luxury to do this.

Her work is emotive, her style in human form and portraiture makes the sensual female and male forms palpable. Carol’s habit of embracing variety in her style, subjects and media keeps her fresh and challenged. Stylistically, she moves fluidly between the polar opposites of realism and abstraction. Carol’s work captures the mood and moment by the application of tonal patterns or by using colour and form.

Carol is thrilled to be coming back to her place of origin to display her diverse body of work. At present Carol is a full time artist designing and creating commissions for a variety of clientele. Previously she has worked as a Photographer, Advertising Manager, owned and operated a Hinterland publication, held group and solo exhibitions.

Carol draws on her gift ‘Eyes that See’; she believes a great artist is one that has the ability to paint anything, any style, medium or subject.
“When Inspiration, motivation and dedication come into unity you can create Art that comes to life. At times I am left wondering where these images come from! The learning process never ceases it can bring out the Demons and the Delightful. Every art piece has a part of my soul in it,” she says.

The seeds of creativity were planted into Carol’s psychic at a young age. In Grade one, Carol painted a picture of a girl; the teacher was so impressed she marched Carol from classroom to classroom to show the students and teachers her achievement. Two years later she won the Schools Art Competition. This left a lasting impression, and she knew she was destined to be an Artist.

Carol’s work draw much admiration and comment, particularly from other artists who are qualified to assess her talent and do so in a very positive manner.

Art Moment Gallery
99 Curlewis st
Bondi Beach 2026
Sydney NSW


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