Takeaki Totsuka, Ivan Buljan and Sava Manajlovic

The question in view is not whether a conclusion is true or false, but whether the form of the argument is correct or incorrect valid or invalid.

Using painting, photography and ceramics the artists in Formal Fallacies engage playfully with the idea of form on a most basic and tangible level.”

Originally from Yugoslavia, Ivan emigrated to Australia with his family as a child, later studying fine arts at Sydney College of the Arts where he developed an interest in photography and digital manipulation. For the last two years Ivan has worked as photographer at Roslyn Oxley Gallery also regularly lending his skills generously to us at Gaffa. Ivans work will also feature in this year’s Art & About Sydney Life photography in Hyde Park.

Takeaki also studied Fine Arts at Sydney College of the Arts, completing his MVA in the ceramics department in 2005, working under esteemed Japanese ceramisist Mitsuo Shoji. Since graduating Takeaki has been exhibiting regularly locally and working from his studio in Sydney from where he runs private classes in ceramic techniques.

Originally from Dalmatia, Sava moved to Australia in 1992 and has since been exhibiting regularly locally as well as in Sarjevo and Belgrade.
Beside an active prusuit of his artistic career which has brought him several major awards, Sava is also a successful interior designer, mural artist and art decorator.

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