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Cities and Dates

The GAS exhibition will be kicked off in Sydney on the 15th of November @ Global Gallery, Sydney Australia. The exhibition will run over 5 days. Opening night; industry night: still open to the public, the following days will allow universities, colleges and Tafe’s to bring their students to view the exhibition as well as being open to the public.

Opening Night

The opening night of GAS is a party for industry, media, contemporary art patrons and friends. The night will feature live DJ’s, free drinks, artwork sales, product give aways and of course, the premiere screening of ‘The Run Up’. Typical attendance consists of artists, design/fashion labels, journalists and socialites with a taste for contemporary art. Please note that GAS does not charge an admission fee for people to attend the exhibition.

GAS is a series of exhibitions curated by Sense Assault Studio, showcasing a diverse array of artists who are all advancing it in their chosen field.

The exhibition features celebrated industry creatives alongside exceptionally talented newcomers in a mash-up of mediums and approaches. Showcasing graphic design, illustration, photography, sculpture, film, street art and graffiti by some of the most exciting, unique, talented and influential artists from around the globe.

GAS allows local upcoming artists to have their artwork featured alongside headlining artists.

With no formal structure, the GAS exhibition promotes a sense of community within the contemporary art scene. The project is inclusive versus exclusive- and the curative selection process discriminates solely on raw talent and uninhibited creativity. This lack of a tangible theme or genre focus was inspiration behind the name GAS.

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