Tokyo Recycle Project #15


A huge hit in New York, Hong Kong and throughout Japan, the project has generated great excitement from the outrageously innovative clothing the team has created.

The Tokyo Recycle Project began in 1999 and was born from Masahiro\’s personal response to Tokyo\’s overwhelming consumer culture. He tried to find a way to reduce waste in the fashion industry by reusing and recycling clothing in a way that would have new and fresh appeal. To use people\’s existing clothes was a fantastic solution as the clothing itself had history, meaning and a shared past with its owner. Masahiro could tap into this shared history and create a bright new future for these old and worn clothes.

Past projects in New York, Hong Kong and Japan have had an overwhelming response, attracting queues of hopeful participants. Sydney\’s recycle project will offer participants a choice of three levels of transformation running on a first-in-best-dressed system with online registration and payment.

To find out more about the Tokyo Recycle Project,
visit :
phone (02) 9217 0522 or email

Tokyo Recycle Project
Tokyo Recycle Project

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