A Screaming Woman, Within


Pain, rejection, panic, loss, fear and weakness, are all potential causes of crying and silent screams. All men scream and cry too! Women have perhaps learned to scream more in silence for they feel more than men speak, do and ask. A woman is tied emotionally to all decisions of Truth. A woman needs love 24/7 of heart, mind and soul, see Ephesians 5:25. This is Universal Law! Whether, Lady, girl, mother or woman, what is the difference of the fabric within? By fabric, I mean of Spirit, Created of the Love of God. Could the difference if any, be good Vs evil? Flesh Vs Spirit? To Feel Vs believing or faith? Self-esteem Vs the hearing of Word? Go ahead, take your pick and try to lay-aside all fears and insecurities of world. This article, is about the spiritual fabric of woman for the promotion of all women. This is no easy subject. For who can identify, heal and protect the silent screams, mindsets, motives and feelings of femininity; but God. It is the sovereign rule of God to control everything that HE has spoken of and created. Metaphorically speaking, a screaming woman is one that is lost or is being purged of God. Even the woman with the issue of blood, it could be said, was silently screaming within to touch the hem of the garment of Christ. See Matthew 9:21. In this article, I aim to touch the female within to yield your all unto God. I will only point in the direction of heaven on earth, in mind, heart and soul. I desire to hear your silent screams within and redirect your thoughts from world to Word. Wholeness of Word is the only Truth of life. Imagine coming home preparing or having a meal prepared for you, with love, and then spending quality time of two or four people believing Word. Sounds like a perfect evening to me. Does this sound perfect to you? What could be more perfect; than the spoken Word of God? Interested? How about releasing all those internal emotions of affliction, weakness, opportunities and threats over to the Lord? You may be asking how is this possible when my mind is frantically in turmoil. I am literally feeling helpless and afraid of living and life. I feel so inadequate! Does this describe you within? I believe that there are many women and men living in denial of Truth within. I say this of Word and Universal Law; see Proverbs 8:8. All women have the virtuous mind, heart and soul as the true example of a woman. In Proverbs 31, the question is raised of a woman

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