My name is Chee. Add a “r” after the word, then it would become Cheer. This name is called by my friend in university and I like it very much. Why do I love this name? Easy. I always think cheer is important because life is limited and we should make every possible way to enjoy, play, and make ourselves happy.

But, saying is easier than doing. Whenever you want to do one thing, something would happen and it will disturb what you are doing right now. You’ll never guess what the thing would be. Especially a few people gather together, you’ll never guess what they’re thinking. More the people there are, more the mess it would be.

I’ve learned the above lesson very very early, and I try not to mind what other’s people thinking, but it’s really really difficult. Today, I failed again. My friend made me unhappy. But I know I’ll recover and back to my life again tomorrow after I had a good sleep. Maybe this is the way of escape since the problems haven’t solved yet, but I believe there will be ways to solve the problems and you’ll never believe that ways are not so complicated as you think. So cheer cheer cheer up, and life would become easy and happy.



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