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密密耕耘而又高人一等的 - Harald Wong

Name: Harald Wong
Nickname ma: people either call me Hazz or Totti
Height: 188cm
Birthday: 19th July
Job Description: Analyst
University: Macquarie University, Australia // my hardworking classmate 🙂

I am good at tennis, golf and soccer, because I play
all these sports every week. I play soccer for my
company as well.

I am a devoted soccer fan. Favourite club – Liverpool and Roma.

Favourite player: Dennis Bergkamp (Holland and Arsenal) Francisco Totti (Italy and AS Roma)

I like singing Karaoke, and joined in the TVB Karaoke Competition on July 2002. // Harald, we are waiting for your good news:)

In a perfect world, I would love to be a formula one racing driver………….although realistically……my goal is to be a senior analyst in three years time.

In the future, I will like to attend the World Cup final as well as the European Champions League final.
If possible, I like to try to travel in space as well, it will be fun to walk on the moon!

It is Harald, true and straight forward 🙂

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