Botanium Care

Botanium Care 希望人類的下幾代在一個無污染的環境中成長, 藍天白雲, 空氣清新, 海水清澈, 海灘沒垃圾, 食物和日常用品天然有機, 人類和大自然融合相處! 你呢? 有同一個理想嗎?

Botanium Care致力搜羅最天然, 無添加的植物材料, 配合高質素香薰油功效調配一系列有效而天然的個人護理產品. 使用深藍色玻璃瓶保存這些天然產品, 跟大家一起分享. 以小批量生產, 堅持無添加和無化學防腐, 發揮出產品最佳的天然協同作用, 提高你和家人的整體健康.

Botanium Care 的原材料來自歐洲供應商經過嚴格測試, 確保最高質量. Botanium Care 的創辦人 Jeanice 是專業臨床香薰師, 於英國IFPA香薰學會專業成員. 熱愛調配天然極品跟大家分享. Botanium Care 致力把最好的送給用家. 把每一個產品的功效性提到最高, 堅持不會為提高容量而添加無謂的材料. 我們眾多用家意見也見證了這個優點.

我們邀請精明的你加入 Botanium Care 的大家庭, 為環保出一分力, 為未來出一分力.

Botanium Care 支持環保, 我們回收所有用完的玻璃瓶, 不希望再加重地球負擔.


Botanium Care strongly believe in the healing power of nature. Everything we do aims to bringing natural goodness to you sustainably. We carefully sourced the most natural ingredients, handcraft them in small batches with minimal processing, protect them in earth-friendly packaging and deliver them to you. We make sure our products are natural, clean, and free of harmful chemicals, artificial colours, dyes, phthalates, paraben, petroleum, silicone & synthetic fragrances.

We make a continued commitment to minimise our impact to the environment by aligning our operations with the values of a circular economy. All our products are packaged in dark blue glass bottles, a material not only is effective in protecting our natural products but also easily recyclable or repurposable. We also offer to take back all our empty packaging for recycling or repurposing, to enable our customers a zero waste lifestyle.*

We visualise a future where our next generations enjoy clear blue skies, clean fresh air and crystal clear seas, a time when human beings live in harmony with nature and that organic supplies and food are within everyone’s reach, and that there are no plastic waste whether on land or in the oceans.

Do you have the same vision?

*Bottles recycling currently available in Hong Kong only.

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