Botanium Care 天然香薰活膚亮白肌底液 BRIGHTENING OIL FREE FACE SERUM – 20ml

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天然香薰活膚亮白肌底液 BRIGHTENING OIL FREE FACE SERUM 為皮膚打好底子,清爽容易吸收,為下一步護膚做好準備,亦幫助下一步的護膚品更好吸收!


A light-bodied aloe vera serum that brightens and moistures your skin.  Returning that silky shine your skin so deserves.


Botanium Care 天然香薰活膚亮白肌底液 BRIGHTENING OIL FREE FACE SERUM 為皮膚打好底子,清爽容易吸收,為下一步護膚做好準備,亦幫助下一步的護膚品更好吸收!

這枝活膚亮白肌底液成分包括:玫瑰花花水, 橙花花水, 蘆薈, 多層透明質酸、純夏威夷藻和甘草提取物的組合, 使您的皮膚明亮而水潤!


透明質酸:透明質酸是賦予您皮膚結構的主要成分.  人體皮膚自然製做的一種物質, 作用是保濕.  但由25歲開始, 皮膚裏的透明質酸每年流失6%。流失的速度漸漸快於製造速度,到40歲將會流失近一半,60歲時幾乎只剩下25%。導致皮膚保濕功能下降而形成皺紋.


橙花花水有機:  有助細胞再生而增加皮膚彈性,對凹洞疤痕類皮膚有修護滋潤功效, 收細毛孔;溫和美白, 令肌膚明亮也幫助淡化色斑,勻衡膚色,讓肌膚表面透明光澤.














玫瑰花水, 橙花花水, 蘆薈, 透明質酸, 迷迭香(迷迭香)精油,薰衣草(薰衣草)精油,莞西精油,永久花精油,夏威夷海藻提取,甘草提取物,八角茴香提取物。


這配方非常溫和, 但每個人反應不同, 所以建議先在手臂上進行皮膚敏感測試, 如沒有如有任何敏感情況才使用在臉上. 如有任何敏感反應, 請立刻停止使用.


What is it?

A light-bodied aloe vera based serum that brightens and moisturises your skin.

What does it do and how?

A combination of hyaluronic acids, pure Hawaiian algae and licorice extract synergistically blended with skin brightening essential oils in a base of rose water and aloe vera gel to keep your skin bright and hydrated.

What’s inside

Everlast Essential Oil

This essential oil has superior skin-regenerating properties and is an effective free-radical scavenger, protecting newly formed cells.  

Rosemary Essential Oil

A member of the mint family, rosemary provides stimulation, oxygenation and overall reviving refreshment to skin.

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is antiseptic and can help reduce irritation and swelling in the skin and promotes quicker skin-healing.  It also smells wonderful.

Coriander Essential Oil

Coriander is antioxidant and cleansing which can improve skin complexion, thanks to its monoterpenols constituent. 

Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon is known for its powerful anti-microbial properties.  It also helps in reducing hyperpigmentation from acne.  

Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is the main component of what gives your skin structure, and is responsible for that plump and hydrated look.  It can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water.  When applied on skin, it holds water molecules onto the surface and keeps your skin nice and hydrated.

Rose otto hydrolat organic

Rose hydrolat serves as a regenerative, antioxidant and astringent agent for your skin.

Algae Extract

Our hawaiian marine algae extract comes from the unpolluted Hawaiian coral reefs.  It is rich in organic iodine and active silicon, which helps activate cell regeneration, calm and regulate oil secretion, as well as resist free radicals.

Licorice Extract

Licorice is a non-medicinal whitening ingredient which help inhibit loanase and reduce the formation of melanin, returning your skin a radiance it deserves.

Aloe vera

High in polysaccharides, aloe vera is known for its hydrating, soothing and antioxidative properties.

Skin Type

Normal, dry, mature, combination

How to use?

Use at night after cleansing and misting, apply a liberal amount onto face and neck massaging gentle ensuring an even spread.

This product is free of preservatives and should be used within 4 months of purchase.

A patch test is recommended for sensitivity prior to using more generously.


organic rose damascena hydrolat, aloe vera, multi-molecular weight hyaluronic acid, Rosemarinus officinalis (rosemary) essential oil, lavandula angustifolia (lavender) essential oil, coriandrum sativum (coriander seed) essential oil, helichrysum angustifolium (everlast) essential oil,  ,  algae extract, licorice extract, star anise extract. 

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    Good product for my skin

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