Botanium Care 剃鬚天然香薰護理套裝 SHAVING SET



全部天然成分手工打造,讓您超級瀟灑, 魅力十足!  肯定是現代男士必備的最佳拍檔!


1 x剃鬚前保護油 – 50ml

1 x剃鬚後乳液 – 50ml

Botanium Care’s Ultimate Shaving Set prepares you for a fabulous day.   Start your day with a smooth, clean, intimate shave with our pre shave oil, and let our after shave lotion add the finishing touch.

This Ultimate Shaving set include:

1 x Pre shave oil – 50ml

1 x After shave oil – 50ml



Botanium Care 剃鬚天然香薰護理套裝 SHAVING SET



Botanium Care 鬚前天然香薰保護油 PRE SHAVE OIL 50ml

Botanium Care剃鬚前油,為您的皮膚和鬍鬚準備最佳的剃鬚體驗。包含5種全天然底油再配合茶樹,薰衣草和檸檬精油,您剃鬍子體驗將是前所未有的。皮膚會更光滑,更舒適和更少敏感反應。

Botanium Care 鬚後天然香薰修護乳霜 AFTER SHAVE BALM 50g

加上Botanium Care鬚後乳霜,您將再不用忍受剃鬚後的不適.  結合了荷荷巴油,橄欖角鯊烯,小麥胚芽和金盞花油,玫瑰和乳香水凝乳的舒緩和抗炎特性,以及洋甘菊,薰衣草和雪鬆的精油,剃須後可使皮膚鎮靜並保濕。

Botanium Care’s Pre Shave Oil prepares your skin for a sleek, barber quality shave. Containing a combination of 5 natural oils plus the essential oils of tea tree, lavender and lemon, your shaving experience will never be the same. You will reap the benefits of a smoother, more comfortable and less irritated skin.


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