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Botanium Care – 天然香薰補濕平衡噴霧 BALANCING FACE MIST – 50ml

Botanium Care 天然香薰活膚亮白肌底液 BRIGHTENING OIL FREE FACE SERUM – 20ml

Botanium Care – 嫩肌精華油 REJUVENATING FACE SERUM 20ml



Our Youthful Face Trio is a natural and highly effective skin care set handcrafted for the busy women.  Containing precious extracts and essential oils from nature, with regular use, this set helps build a smoother, softer and strong skin.

Step 1:  Balancing face mist – use after face wash to balance and prepare your skin for absorption of serums.

Step 2:  Brightening face serum – use this immediately after face mist.  This hyaluronic acid based serum is oil free, containing moisturising aloe vera, hawaiian deep sea algae extract, clarifying licorice extract, essential oils of helichrysum, rosemary, lavender and coriander this serum helps bring out the star within you.

Step 3:  Rejuvenating face serum – this ultimate serum oil contains a combination of 9 carefully crafted natural skin beneficial oils of rose, lavender palmarosa essential oils, as well as rosehip seed oil for antioxidating effects, avocado oil, olive squalene, jojoba to smooth out and put that soft glow on your skin.

Free of toxic synthetic ingredients.  Packaged in earth-friendly & protective blue glass bottles.  Even better, we take empty bottles back so you can enjoy our products in zero waste style.


1 review for Botanium Care AMAZING FACE TRIO

  1. Liz Southgate

    I love this set, the mist feels light and refreshing, the brightening serum is moisturizing and the rejuvenating serum makes my skin so soft and smooth. It doesn’t clog my pores and even keeps them clean.

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