Kobashi Calendula Body Wash 250ml – 可用於洗頭及沖涼


溫和舒緩的沖涼液 /洗髮水,含有有機種植的蘆薈和金盞花,性質温和,適合敏感、濕疹及嬰兒使用,有助癒合傷口、舒緩肌膚、對抗過敏。


Kobashi Calendula Body Wash 250ml


溫和舒緩的沖涼液 /洗髮水,含有有機種植的蘆薈和金盞花,鎮靜和癒合特性而聞名。温和潔淨,不令皮膚干燥。令皮膚和頭髮清潔健康。


主要成份: 有機蘆薈、金盞花、葵花籽油、荷荷芭油、小麥胚芽油及維他命 C E

Gentle soothing wash and shampoo, containing organically grown Aloe vera and Calendula , all renowned for their calming and healing properties. Gently cleanses without drying. Leaves skin and hair clean and healthy.

with Organically grown Aloe Vera, Calendula, Sunflower, Jojoba, Wheat germ oils & Vitamins

Ingredients: Organically grown Calendula tinctured in Aqua, Organically grown Aloe vera (balances PH and helps skin), cold pressed Calendula infused in Organically grown Sunflower oil, Alkyl ether sulphate &Mea lauryl sulphate (helps clean & disperse oil, derived from Coconut – palm oil), Amidoalkylbetaine (mild foaming agent), cold pressed Jojoba oil (conditioning) & cold pressed Wheat germ oil (high in vitamin E), Hydroxyethyl-cellulose (food grade thickener from plant fibres) Preservative: Grapefruitseed extract and vitamin C (ascorbic acid), potassium sorbate, benzyl alcohol & phenoxyethanol, Natural Vit. E: gamma, delta, alpha & ßeta Tocopherols.


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