Kobashi Lavender Oil 100% 薰衣草精油




Kobashi 100% 純正 薰衣草香薰精油 (有機)

Kobashi 100% Pure Lavender Essential Oil  (Organic)

100% Pure Organically grown

LATIN NAME: Lavandula angustifolia

SOURCE: Steam distilled, from flowering tips and stem

COLOUR: Clear, yellow may have small flower sediment
(sediment is in most cases a good sign of being natural product.)

ORIGIN: Moldovia

AROMA: Sweet strong floral, herby truly characteristic of Lavender

QUALITIES: Mildest but most effective of all essential oils. Can be used neat as an antiseptic. An excellent oil for all skin care. This is the most popular of all the oils, and is truly a panacea for all ills. Restive in small amounts – helps to restore balance and encourages sleep. Add a few drops to an Aroma Disc or Stone by the bed. We are never without a bottle of this wonderful oil as it is so useful. Try keeping a bottle in the Kitchen to deal with minor burns and scolds.This oil was grown without the use of pesticide or herbicide.









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